Handmade Knife- The Primeaux Phantom Echo 7in K-Tip Gyuto Knife- Damascus with Claro Walnut

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The Phantom Echo 7 inch K-Tip Gyuto is even more useful than it is beautiful. It was forged by John Phillips as part of his Primeaux line of kitchen knives. This extremely talented blade smith is a Forged In Fire champion! 

According to John,  "This knife profile boasts the kitchen equivalent of a Ferrari: a super thin, springy blade with slender geometry and an aggressive tip, catering to both professional and home chefs. It excels at slicing through medium-density vegetables and boneless meats."

The 7 inch damascus blade is forged from 73 layers of stainless steel. It is feather lite and thin for cutting through your fruits and veggies quickly and effortlessly.

The handle is beautiful and durable Claro walnut wood with a black anodized aluminum  bolster.