Finex-The Ulimate American Made Cast Iron- 10 inch Octagonal Skillet with Lid

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Product Informaton

  • Meticulously handcrafted in Portland, Oregon
  • Ergonomic “Speed Cool” polished stainless spring handle
  • Thick base for ultimate stability and heat distribution
  • Patented Octagonal “Multi-Pour” Design
  • Hand-polished cooking surface for stick resistance
  • Pre-seasoned with Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Polished Bronze Accents


What happens when you introduce hipster Portland craftsmen to the age old art of creating cast iron cookware??? You get the FINEX CAST IRON COOKWARE CO. They have set out to create cast iron cookware that can compete with the finest quality cast iron cookware in the world, including Le Creuset. They have succeeded on every level. The body of each piece is cast in their signature patented Octagonal “Multi-Pour” shape. The name means just what it says….you can easily pour liquid from any one of the eight points surrounding the body. The cooking surface has been hand polished to an ultra-smooth finish. This greatly enhances the natural stick resistance of the pre-seasoned cast iron. FINEX uses only Organic Flaxseed Oil to season their pans. The “speed cool” handle features an extremely heavy gauge polished stainless steel spring that creates a comfortable ergonomic grip……and looks extremely cool as a bonus. And to up the cool factor even further, the handle is capped with bronze.

The 10 inch skillet is a great all around size. Cook up some burgers or a couple of steaks with style. It is also quite possibly the best cornbread baker on the market! The octagonal shape creates a beautiful crispy brown crust.....and provides an easy slicing guide. The addition of a lid makes a versatile skillet even better!!