Handmade Knife- Elegant Workhorse Primeaux Jade Monolith Zenith 8.5in Chef's Knife- Stonewashed AEBL with Jade G10

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Product Information.

This 8.5 inch chef's knife is designed to be your workhorse in the kitchen...and look great at the same time. It was forged by John Phillips as part of his Primeaux line of kitchen knives. This extremely talented blade smith is a Forged In Fire champion! 

According to John, his Zenith Chef's knife is designed to be "the perfect fusion the classic French chef's knife that we are all so familiar with  and beautiful art deco inspired lines not found in any other kitchen knives on the market"

The result of the fusion is both beautiful and extremely functional.

The blade is stonewashed AEBL stainless steel and features a 8.5 inch razor sharp cutting edge. At 2.25 inches in height, heel of the blade provides ample clearance between your knuckles and your cutting board.

The handle is constructed from rugged yet beautiful G10 with antiqued bronze bolster.