Black Cube Revolutionary Stainless Steel Non-Stick Saucepan - 2.5 Quart

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Product Information

Black Cube™ - The Ultimate Cooking Surface

Black Cube offers the world’s first hybrid cookware with the ultimate cooking surface. Each pan cooks like stainless steel and cleans like nonstick! Providing superior browning capabilities – thanks to a stainless steel textured surface – the pans are still easy to clean! As an innovation award winner, Black Cube aspires to bring you the best in stainless nonstick cookware. 

The Ultimate Cooking Surface – A world’s first: Black Cube™ combines all the benefits of stainless steel and nonstick cookware. Imagine a nonstick fry pan that is safe for use with metal utensils and can brown like a stainless steel fry pan!

Stainless Nonstick is a raised stainless steel pattern over a recessed layer of nonstick coating. This allows for browning on stainless steel without sticking and protects the nonstick coating when using metal utensils.

Black Cube™ is built to last with its 3-ply construction and the high quality PFOA free nonstick layer. All pans work on any cooktop and are oven safe up to 500° F. For ultimate convenience they are also dishwasher safe.

Combining the benefits of both stainless steel and nonstick surfaces, this pan has it all! What is a saucepan? Saucepans are made for cooking sauces and other liquids and feature tall sides allowing for better control over evaporation while cooking. However, this pan has so many uses, not just for making sauces! It is great for making a roux, or to make a flavorful sauce for your favorite pasta dish! It can also brown meat like a stainless steel pan while offering the easy, mess-free cleanup of a nonstick pan. These benefits are made possible by a 3-ply construction of stainless steel and aluminum, along with a stainless steel pattern raised over the recessed layer of high-quality PFOA free nonstick coating. Designed to offer the best in durability and performance, Black Cube™ offers extra protection against scratches when cooking with metal utensils. This innovatively versatile pan is safe to use on any stovetop (including induction) and can even be placed in the oven at temperatures of up to 500°F. To make cleanup even easier, it is dishwasher safe. It is 8 inches in diameter and holds 2.5 quarts, making this pan the perfect size when making a sauce, roux, or meal and comes with a matching lid.

  • 3-ply: stainless/aluminum/stainless
  • For all cook tops including induction; heats up within 2 minutes
  • Oven safe up to 500 F
  • Perfectly balanced: Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% scratch resistant: Go ahead, use your metal utensils!
  • PFOA free coating
  • Patented (0132-P0122A)
  • CE certified